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Shelly-Ann Weeks, Founder & Executive Director

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Her Flow is an initiative established in 2016 by Shelly-Ann Weeks to help address the stigma and shame associated with period. As someone who has dealt with her own period issues, she empathizes with women who suffer in silence because of the cultural norms and she wanted to bring awareness to the female reproductive that these women face every day. Shelly-Ann published her first book, I CHANGED MY DIET AND CHANGED MY LIFE which details her struggles with uterine fibroids and painful menstruation in 2017.  She also focuses on ending period poverty as well as education about the menstrual cycle.

The Beginning


Female Reproductive Health Issues - fibroids, endometriosis, PSOC, infertility and other problems - affect more than 70% of Jamaican women. Many of the symptoms that women experience are related to the period and it’s difficult to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy, menstruation. Unfortunately, cultural norms and misinformation still drive the way people look at period and the sting of stigma still exist. Many young girls are not fully empowered when they start to menstruate and they are confused about much of the symptoms they experience, especially the emotional and psychological ones. 



Her Flow has four main objectives:

- To eradicate Period Poverty (inability to afford feminine products) in Jamaica

- Advocate for the removal of the Tampon Tax

- Empower young people about Female Reproductive Health and Rights through education.   

- Advocate for and facilitate greater access to comprehensive female reproductive health care

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