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Healthy Pelvis Conference
Oct 27, 2018

 A Comprehensive look at Female Reproductive Health 

Healthy Pelvis Conference

Get ready for the most comprehensive conference to address Female Reproductive Health in Jamaica.  This all-inclusive event includes informative symposiums and panel discussion.  Ticket hotline 876-840-3696.  See you there.  

Her Flow presents Healthy Pelvis Conference

The inaugural Healthy Pelvis Conference is a one day exploration of female reproductive health. The objective of the conference is to provide comprehensive information about popular reproductive issues that affect thousands of Jamaican women – unhealthy periods, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility and PCOS. The event will feature symposiums, panel discussion, workshops and one on one consultations with medical professionals and experts.   

Founded by Author and Activist, Shelly-Ann Weeks, one of Her Flow's main objectives is to empower women about their reproductive health and rights through education.    

After struggling most of her life with painful, heavy periods, she was eventually diagnosed with fibroids and went on to make the most important decision that changed her life.  She chronicles her story in her debut book I CHANGED MY DIET AND CHANGED MY LIFE.  

Shelly-Ann Weeks, Author and Activist

Shelly-Ann Weeks, Author and Activist

Healthy Pelvis Conference


 Healthy Pelvis Conference is a Comprehensive look at Female Reproductive Health.   An increasing number of Jamaican women are being diagnosed with female reproductive health issues such as fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, unhealthy periods and infertility. 

Event Objective

 The  main objective of the conference is to provide comprehensive information and treatment options about popular reproductive issues that affect thousands of Jamaican women. 

Event Highlights

 The event will feature:

- Informative Symposiums 

- Panel discussion

- Food and Drink Inclusive

- Q and A session 

What's included?

Informative Symposiums

Come ready for full engaging presentations by active professionals that will provide a myriad of treatment options for Female Reproductive Health issues - from diet and lifestyle to surgery and everything in between.  

Conference Kit

Full color detailed literature that has the profiles and contacts of all the speakers and resources that can be referenced after the event. Books in Kingston

One on One Consultations

Attendees will be able to have private consultations with gynecologists, nutritionist, and other professionals.  

Food Inclusive

Hot and Cold beverages as well as Healthy Food options will be served.   throughout the day.

Networking and Support

All of the attendees will be invited to join a network of medical professions, survivors and experts that shares relevant information about Female reproductive Health.  

Mini Expo

Come prepared to shop for products - from medicinal herbs to essential oils - from our partners at affordable prices.  

Thank You to Our Partners


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Healthy Pelvis Conference

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